Spotlight: Weekly Buddy Time

This week, Stacy joins us for a quick intro to Weekly Buddy Time. The episode we're spotlighting is a good jumping on point if you're not already listening to their podcast.

Hoot Or Boot: Tea And Chocolate

This week, Devon comes on to pitch a new show idea.

The Wrestling Show

This week Elle and Lisa try to teach Thomas a few things about wrestling.

Spotlight: OK But Why?

This week, we’re spotlighting another show on the network named “OK But Why?” This episode in particular features a very touching and important diary of sorts from Lisa, the show’s host.

Show Pilot: It's Not About Me

This week, we’re showcasing a pilot episode of a show idea Patrick is putting together called It’s Not About Me. Please let us know what you think of this show and send any comments to @hootshollerin or @ohnopatrick on twitter.

The Show About Chasing Squirrels

This week, Kes (the middleist Alley child) joins Thomas for the cutest Hoots Media show ever. Listen closely and you might learn a thing or two about dinosaurs, too!

Get To Know The Hackers!

No regular show this week because The Hackers are on vacation, but we decided to do an impromptu recording anyway. Enjoy!


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